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A laptop showing the Fern homepage

Elegant minimalist website for luxury restaurant and bar

Web Design
Web Development

From dawn ‘till dusk.

Bart & Taylor engaged Studio Smith-Cordell to prototype and develop a premium bespoke website to showcase their latest establishment: Fern. Fern is a luxurious restaurant and bar open all day, every day, located within the Ten Degrees Tower. The concept for the venue is that the atmosphere and offering would evolve throughout the day into the evening — from breakfast to a nightcap.


Storytelling and interactions.

To get the message across, Studio Smith-Cordell used storytelling and interactions on the homepage to communicate their evolving offering throughout the day while providing call-to-actions to different menus and table reservations. Interactions throughout the site give a sense of luxury. The food and drink menus were built responsively using HTML and CSS — rather than relying on PDFs — to adapt to different screen sizes providing a better user experience (UX). The website was built on Webflow utilising a custom CMS, allowing Bart & Taylor to edit the website and keep their menus up to date.

Fern wine list
A selection of food items from Fern's All-Day menu
Awwwards Honors certificate
Max's attention to detail and willingness to work closely with us throughout the process made the experience enjoyable and stress-free. He created a visually stunning, highly functional, and user-friendly design that perfectly represents the sophistication and elegance of our brand.
Graham Hale
Operations Manager