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How much does a bespoke website cost?

As with any design project, the cost of designing and developing a bespoke website entirely depends on the project scope. Some factors that can impact the price include the website’s size (number of pages and features), the complexity of the design and functionality, the number of integrations with external systems, and the level of custom branding and content creation required. By having a discovery meeting, Studio Smith-Cordell will assess your needs and provide an accurate estimate based on the project’s scope.

Can I edit my website after it’s been built?

Yes. During the development phase, a Content Management System (CMS) is set up, allowing authorised website administrators to edit the content on the page and publish new CMS items, such as blog posts or products.

How long does it take to create a bespoke website?

The time it takes to design and build a bespoke website varies depending on several factors. Of course, the project scope plays a big part, but it will also depend on how quickly feedback and sign-off are completed at the end of each phase and how quickly required brand assets are delivered.

How much input will you need from me (the client)?

Studio Smith-Cordell likes to include its clients’ input throughout the process, with regular check-ins at each phase. For example, during the strategy phase, we will determine who will provide content, and each step requires review and sign-off from the client.

Are you able to create the website’s content?

Yes, Studio Smith-Cordell can provide an initial draft of the website’s copy for the client to approve or edit. In addition, Studio Smith-Cordell can provide imagery or custom photography, such as team or product shots.

Will I get options to choose from?

No. Instead, Studio Smith-Cordell includes your input throughout the process to produce a design that suits your brand and requirements. A site’s structure is decided during the wireframing stage and signed off by the client. Once this is set in stone, the visual elements (colour, typography, imagery) are added, which will follow your brand guidelines. Revisions will be possible at the end of each phase before sign-off. Including your input throughout the design process will produce a finished website that executes your goals and showcases your brand.

Why should I choose a bespoke website rather than an off-the-shelf template?

It is possible to create a good-looking website using an off-the-shelf template; however, making a template reflect a brand’s identity can be problematic. In addition, using a template will likely make your website look identical to many others on the internet, making it harder to stand out from the crowd.

A bespoke website is designed and developed to meet a brand’s specific needs and goals. It allows for complete customisation of the design and functionality and can be optimised for a better user experience, scalability, search engines, and security. A bespoke website can provide a brand with a unique and tailored online presence better aligned with its target audience and business objectives.


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How much does Studio Smith-Cordell charge for a photo shoot?

Like most creative works, photography services' cost depends on the project's scope. The price for a photo shoot depends on the type of photo shoot, location, the time required, image licensing, and any additional services or resources requested. Studio Smith-Cordell will provide a quote following a discovery call with a prospective client.

What types of photography does Studio Smith-Cordell shoot?

Studio Smith-Cordell captures images in several photography categories, including portraits, headshots, lifestyle, food & beverage, and product photography.

Are you able to do a photo shoot in a particular location?

Yes, depending on the type of photography required, Studio Smith-Cordell can shoot in a specific location that you request, whether it's an indoor or outdoor location or in the studio.

How many images will we receive from a photo shoot with Studio Smith-Cordell?

The number of images delivered can vary depending on the photo shoot's length and the project's scope. Discussing this during the discovery call is recommended to get the appropriate quote for the required image quantities.

Does Studio Smith-Cordell offer retouching or editing services?

Yes, Studio Smith-Cordell offers retouching or editing services as an additional service. This can include colour correction, skin smoothing, composite creation, and other final image adjustments.

How long will it take to receive the final images from Smith-Cordell Design?

The time it takes to receive final images can vary depending on Studio Smith Cordell's current workload and whether post-production services were requested. It's recommended to discuss this with Smith-Cordell Design before the photoshoot.

What format will I receive my images in?

Studio Smith-Cordell provides high-resolution print-ready photos in either JPEG, PNG, WebP, or TIFF, depending on the agreed image usage.

Is Studio Smith-Cordell available for destination photoshoots?

Yes, Studio Smith-Cordell is available for destination photoshoots, depending on availability. Discussing the possibility of a destination photoshoot is recommended during the discovery call.

Do you have a portfolio of your work?

You can find examples of Studio Smith-Cordell photography here and throughout the more extensive design portfolio.