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7 reasons Studio Smith-Cordell loves Webflow

Sometimes we may decide to use other tools, but generally, most of our web development starts in Webflow.

There are many different website development tools, content management systems (CMS) and frameworks to choose from, both commercially and with open-source licenses. However, Studio Smith-Cordell chooses Webflow for most use cases.

You can build a simple one-page microsite, a large CMS-powered site, an e-commerce store, or even develop a website with gated content that requires a subscription to view. The recent addition of logic makes it an extremely powerful tool.

Whilst sometimes we may decide to host on alternative servers, or use a Webflow build to create a template to use on another platform, generally, most website development starts in Webflow. Here are seven reasons why:

Rapid development

Webflow is a visual development tool that allows developers to build at a higher speed than traditional hand-coded solutions while still allowing the full implementation of custom code where necessary. As a result, a reduction in development time reduces the overall cost of a website build.

Fully bespoke

Webflow doesn’t rely on templates to create a website. Instead, you can completely customise and build any design starting from a blank canvas.

The Webflow Editor

The Webflow Editor is intuitive and allows a website owner to adjust content on-page without affecting the design with ease. There is no complex dashboard to navigate.

Bloat free clean code

Webflow generates clean code without excess bloat from unused functions resulting in faster-loading websites that are more SEO-friendly.

Security you can trust

Webflow requires no manual security updates or plugin maintenance which means a much lower risk of a malicious actor taking down your website. Instead, all security patches and maintenance are automatic. In addition, all Webflow websites include an SSL certificate providing end-to-end encryption.

No updates, no worries

Webflow doesn’t require regular manual updates and doesn’t require the use of third-party plugins. As a result, there’s no risk of updates breaking third-party code and crashing a website, thus removing potentially expensive maintenance costs when something goes wrong.

World-class hosting

Webflow provides lightning-fast, ultra-reliable hosting without the hassle of maintenance. Built using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Fastly’s networks, Webflow-hosted websites take advantage of enterprise-grade scalability and security. While processing over 10 billion page views a month, Webflow hosting had 99.99% uptime in the last 12 months*.

*as of January 2023

Using Webflow, we can deliver bespoke websites faster than traditional methods while maintaining the highest quality.