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“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Whether you are trying to showcase a product, add personality with team photos, elevate a food and drink offering with vibrant photos, or just need some art direction, Smith-Cordell Design can provide you with your photography needs.

A whisky decanter and whisky glassA woman stroking her hair in front of trees with fairy lightsA woman with a beanie hat on surrounded by branches of a fir treeFresh trout fried over coalA couple kissing in front of a waterfall with an autumnal yellow leaf in front of their facesA man frying fresh troutAsparagus and Pistachio RisottoBeef Cheek Chilli Con CarneButternut Squash Soup with Sourdough BreadTwo women enjoying cocktails at a bar in the sunshineA woman walking on grassA glass of wine on a wooden shelf in the countryside
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does Smith-Cordell Design charge for a photo shoot?

Like most creative works, photography services' cost depends on the project's scope. The price for a photo shoot depends on the type of photo shoot, location, the time required, image licensing, and any additional services or resources requested. Smith-Cordell Design will provide a quote following a discovery call with a prospective client.

What types of photography does Smith-Cordell Design shoot?

Smith-Cordell Design captures images in several photography categories, including portraits, headshots, lifestyle, food & beverage, and product photography.

Are you able to do a photo shoot in a particular location?

Yes, depending on the type of photography required, Smith-Cordell Design can shoot in a specific location that you request, whether it's an indoor or outdoor location or in the studio.

How many images will we receive from a photo shoot with Smith-Cordell Design?

The number of images delivered can vary depending on the photo shoot's length and the project's scope. Discussing this during the discovery call is recommended to get the appropriate quote for the required image quantities.

Does Smith-Cordell Design offer retouching or editing services?

Yes, Smith-Cordell Design offers retouching or editing services as an additional service. This can include colour correction, skin smoothing, composite creation, and other final image adjustments.

How long will it take to receive the final images from Smith-Cordell Design?

The time it takes to receive final images can vary depending on Smith Cordell Design's current workload and whether post-production services were requested. It's recommended to discuss this with Smith-Cordell Design before the photoshoot.

What format will I receive my images in?

Smith-Cordell Design provides high-resolution print-ready photos in either JPEG, PNG, WebP, or TIFF, depending on the agreed image usage.

Is Smith-Cordell Design available for destination photoshoots?

Yes, Smith-Cordell Design is available for destination photoshoots, depending on availability. Discussing the possibility of a destination photoshoot is recommended during the discovery call.

Do you have a portfolio of your work?

You can find examples of Smith-Cordell Design's photography here and throughout the more extensive design portfolio.

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