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A Bart & Taylor staff member shaking a cocktail
Bart & Taylor

Hospitality group on a mission to redefine local experiences

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One group, many voices.

In today's digital age, a brand's online presence speaks volumes about its ethos, ambition, and commitment to excellence. Having previously completed websites for each of their unique venues, Bart & Taylor approached Studio Smith-Cordell to design and build a website for the group.

Bart & Taylor poses a powerful vision — to redefine local hospitality from London to the North of England. They sought a digital platform that echoed their passion, resonated with their audience, and established them as pioneers in an evolving industry. Our challenge was to craft a website showcasing their unique restaurant offerings on a single platform and to highlight their broader mission of community involvement and upliftment.

Bart & Taylor

Weaving the mission into every pixel.

With a deep understanding of Bart & Taylor's ethos, we embarked on a holistic approach to digital storytelling. A blend of rich visuals and compelling copy transformed their website's About page into a vibrant digital canvas, echoing their brand values. Additionally, we integrated an intuitive job board into the careers page, prioritising user experience to attract the brightest talents to the Bart & Taylor family. The result? A seamless, engaging digital platform that positions Bart & Taylor as the benchmark in local hospitality.

Bart & Taylor
Bart & Taylor
Bart & Taylor
A Bart & taylor staff member opening a bottle of wine
A hand squeezing a lemon over a platter of oysters
A Bart & Taylor staff member shaking a cocktail
Honors award from Awwwards for the Bart & Taylor website
It looks awesome. Absolutely smashed it out of the park on this one. Your best work for us yet!
Andrew Taylor
Managing Director
Bart & Taylor