Studio Smith-Cordell

Bart & Taylor wins Honors

Studio Smith-Cordell celebrates Awwwards recognition for the Bart & Taylor website.

We are immensely proud to announce that our work on the Bart & Taylor website has been recognised with an Honorable Mention award from Awwwards. This accomplishment reflects our dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital design.

Behind the design

When we began our collaboration with Bart & Taylor, the goal was clear — to mirror their vision of redefining local hospitality on a digital canvas. As we embarked on this journey, we ensured the website copy and every design choice, from layout to typography, narrated their ethos and commitment to community and excellence.

Why this recognition matters

Awwwards is renowned worldwide for championing creativity, design, and innovation on the web. Receiving Honors is a nod to our relentless pursuit of excellence and an acknowledgement that we're on the right track in setting industry standards.

A note of thanks

Successes like these are team efforts. We want to extend our gratitude to everyone involved who brought this project to life. From the photographers who have expertly captured each of the Bart & Taylor venues and their food and drink offerings to Ground who created the Bart & Taylor brand identity. We thank Bart & Taylor for their trust and collaboration in this venture.

Awwwards certificate for the Bart & Taylor website

As we celebrate this achievement, we're also reminded of our mission: to utilise the power of branding, design and content to empower brands to thrive in our modern digital age. With this accolade, we're even more energised for what the future holds.