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Taking Street Food Global

Döner Shack
Web Development

Döner Shack’s global ambitions required a new website.

Döner Shack is a rapidly expanding, Berlin-style kebab fast food chain operating in the UK with its eyes on global expansion. They planned to double their size within the year and develop the business further through a franchising model. The Döner Shack team felt it was time to upgrade their DIY website.

Döner Shack
Döner Shack

This website had to prioritise function yet be interactive and fun.

Döner Shack’s branding agency, Ground, provided the initial design for the website. Based on the mockups, Smith-Cordell Design created responsive layouts before developing the site in Webflow. The finished website emulated Döner Shack’s brand goals while including animation and interaction to keep it feeling young and fresh.

Döner Shack
Döner Shack
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