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A man standing outside the Ambassador Hotel in Mumbai (Bombay) — 1950
Dakwala Bombay Canteen

A nod to the heritage of Bombay’s Khanawals

Web Development

A love letter from a Bombay canteen.

Dakwala is a brand-new restaurant in Newcastle upon Tyne, inspired by Mumbai’s traditional Khanawal eateries. Dakwala is derived from “postman” and symbolises “a messenger of flavours”. They wanted a premium editorial-looking microsite which captured a vintage feel from when migrants relocated to Bombay in the early 1900s whilst appearing modern and interactive.

Dakwala Bombay Canteen

An immersive cultural experience.

Dakwala’s branding agency, Ground, provided the initial design for the website. Based on their prototype, Studio Smith-Cordell developed a fully responsive microsite in Webflow. The finished website emulates Dakwala's brand goals and is highly optimised.

Dakwala Bombay Canteen
Dakwala Bombay Canteen
Dakwala Bombay Canteen
A selection of dishes from the Dakwala menu.
A fish dish from the Dakwala menu.
The bar at Dakwala Bombay Canteen in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Dakwala Bombay Canteen