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My Delhi

Improving restaurant menu UX with dietary filters

Web Development

The home of Delhi-cious Indian street food.

My Delhi Indian Streetery is a multi-award-winning Indian restaurant group. Its restaurants are fun, vibrant, and eclectic, serving authentic favourites inspired by Delhi’s roadside stalls. Following a recent rebrand, the team wanted to introduce its restaurants’ fun, lively, and eclectic feel to its website. My Delhi is also incredibly proud that its menu is nut-free — a rarity in Indian restaurants — and it has worked hard to reduce other common allergens where possible.

My Delhi

Interactive 3D products.

We built a vibrant and interactive website true to My Delhi’s brand. The website is filled with motion and unconventional shapes. To further enhance interactivity, we created 3D models of their recipe kit packaging, which follow your cursor as it moves across the browser window.

To emphasise My Delhi’s commitment to reducing common allergens in its restaurants, we built a “dietary filter”, allowing users to remove items from the responsive food menus they cannot eat. Their preferences are stored in the browser’s local storage, allowing them to browse between different menus without updating their preferences with each page load.

My Delhi
My Delhi
My Delhi
My Delhi