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A man holding a phone looking at a recipe on the Max Makes Munch website
Max Makes Munch

Food blog with a cookbook-inspired look

Web Design
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Max Makes Munch is a pandemic project of Max Smith-Cordell, Studio Smith-Cordell‘s founder.

Max wanted to rethink how the typical food blog is designed and built from the ground up. The idea was to create recipe pages reminiscent of a cookbook — designed to be easy to read and follow. User Experience (UX) was the primary focus, especially for mobile devices.

Max Makes Munch

Mobile-first website design.

While users may frequently discover recipes using computers, Max theorised that many home cooks rely on their mobile phones within the kitchen. Therefore, an app-like navigation was implemented on the bottom of the screen for the mobile breakpoint. This makes website navigation more convenient for users holding their phones in one hand. For convenience on smaller screens, the recipe method and ingredients switch to a tabbed layout to reduce the need to scroll. In addition, responsive image delivery allows the website to load swiftly while maintaining the food photography quality on all devices.

Max Makes Munch
Max Makes Munch
Max Makes Munch
Pistachio and Asparagus Risotto
Beef Cheek Chilli on a bed of white rice
Max Makes Munch